Meat Importers Council of America (MICA) CertificateAPJ is a proud member of Meat Importers Council of America (MICA). Being part of MICA helps us keep abreast on global affairs, guidelines for the safe handling of foreign meats, national security concerns and the latest trends within the meat industry. MICA is a strictly voluntary organization that operates without profit to itself of any member. MICA helps keep us informed so we can continue to supply only the best foreign meats from New Zealand and Australia.

Being a member of MICA helps us stay informed to continue to provide the safest and highest New Zealand lamb, Australian Lamb and other foreign meats to our customers. Unlike larger meat businesses, we concentrate on only offering the best imported frozen meats we can. MICA allows us to help distribute accurate information to the public regarding the meat industry. Our association with MICA is just another reason that shows the APJ commitment to excellence. To find out more information regarding MICA, click here.